Train ride to Probolinggo 

Do not stick with Train Schedule. Transportation mode most easily used by visitors from Bali or Yogyakarta by the BUS to PROBOLINGGO, the nearest city to Bromo. But using Railways will also an option from following departure point:

– Banyuwangi, Mutiara-Timur at 05:15 and 22:00

– Surabaya, Mutiara-Timur at 09:00 and 22:10 Read More


By Bus to Probolinggo  

 From Surabaya or Bali: Arrive in Probolinggo,  make sure you will only be dropped of inside Bus    Station and you just step out side to reach Mini Bus to  Bromo. Do Not drop off before Probolinggo Bus    Station. If you were not in your appointment.

 Minibus station to Bromo, just to step out side from  Probolinggo Intercity Bus-Station, you will find  minibus along road side. Read More

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