Forest Honey

Down to your way home,  nearby regions producing honey from Cottonwoods flowers. There are also producing White Honey and Bitter Honey

 from the forests around Bromo. You are pleased to make a stopover to make some shopping.

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Create an atmosphere of togetherness for various office events, family events, Charity, Study Group and an interest in field studies. Choose your party, we make the menu. Dinning in Mountain, Dinning in the Garden, Dinning Villa, Dining in Tent Camping  

Local Market

Development of local commodities with typical Bromo’s souvenirs : Vegetables ; Fruits; Food-Beverage and Snack . As you can find “Local Market” else where in general, but remain product where it Bromo authentic . So that people  develop its… Selengkapnya

No Smoking

Now we are supporting health promotion: ‘Non Smoking Hotel and Hotel without Alcohol’. In order to create understanding and responsibility in supporting a healthy natural environment. Simultaneously motivate tourism businesses to develop a process towards health promotion services. Thereby enhancing… Selengkapnya

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Istana Petani’s Logo registered for Trade Mark

Bussiness Owner: Elly Wahyuningtyas

Manager on Duty: Suprapto Prapto

Bank Account:  Bank Central Asia – BCA

Panglima Sudirman St. 27

Malang Branch  – Indonesia

A/C Holder       … Selengkapnya

Alternate Accommodation

Visitors on their own choice could definitely be staying in the daily lives of rural citizens. We developed environmentally  friendly accommodation,  developing along with local culture in supporting accommodation facility at various locations spread around  Istana-Petani ,… Selengkapnya