Goat Milk

By istanapetani

Ternak Makmur Sejahtera are farmer’s groups of Etawa Goat located in the village Ngepung – District Sukapura producing fresh milk of Etawa and it derivation. In milk Etawa contained probiotic bacteria. The bacteria that are beneficial to our body, probiotic bacteria are present in the Etawa goat milk is Lactobacillus Fermentum is a very effective anti-microbial. Actually all milk containing Lactobacillus just different types, Lactobacillus in cow’s milk is different from that found in goat’s milk. Lactobacillus fermentum was also found in breast milk.

The protein content in goat milk is higher than that contained in cow’s milk. Milk fat Etawa lower when compared to cow’s milk fat. The main content of other milk is sugar, wherein the sugar in milk called Lactose, milk sugar in milk Etawa lower compared with the milk sugar levels in cow’s milk.


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