4WD Hardtop

By istanapetani

For your convenience and safety, you can use a Cruiser car from the location of the Istana Petani Homestay to reduce the risk on your way. You can proceed 4WD tour from any near by Hotel with the same rate.

Hardtop is 4WD from Toyota vehicle  module, solely for the safety of the visitors who want to achieve Pananjakan summit the highest point of Bromo mountain. Another option is to rent  a motorcycle, that you should to learn to ride manual motorcycle.

4WD Hardtop capacity for the size of Indonesian can accommodate up to 6 peoples or 4 person of European.

4 WD vehicle, will depart @03:00 only with 4WD to reach Summit for Sun Rise:
– Half tour: Sunrise summit + Bromo.
– Full tour: Sunrise summit + Bromo + Savanah + Shimmering sea of sand.

Prepare your winter Coat and Food Stuff, your breakfast will be available on your return back to Hotel.

 TIPs :

Easiest to use Hardtop when you drive from the direction of Probolinggo with public vehicle is just simply park at the Sukapura minibus station, then  you can order Hardtop to reach Bromo and Pananjakan summit. Do not bother to drive for  more than 20 Km far from this point.

Before your trip  to Bromo, make sure you order the required number of Hardtop.  Hardtop rental rates, subject to update, it is advised to book the cruiser 4WD at the beginning  your rooms are booked  to ensure departure during peak season. 

~: IED and Christmas were the high season that they were shortage in 4WD:~

Hotel will only to find you the best deal with local 4WD association operator, the Hotel do not operate their own 4WD. You can just park your own vehicle and transfer with 4WD module, your 4WD vehicle possibly NOT allowed to enter


Enjoy your Cruise

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