BY BUS to Probolinggo

BUS TERMINAL in Probolinggo

Probolinggo Bus Terminal

Probolinggo Bus Terminal.


Bus Departure in Probolinggo Terminal

Bus Departure in Probolinggo Terminal


All the bus from/ to Probolinggo will be arrived and departed  in Probolinggo Bus Terminal. PATAS Bus arrive from Surabaya; Malang; Banyuwangi or Bali.

From Bali choose only the latest departure bus from Denpasar that you will arrive in Probolinggo in early morning 03:00 and stay for awhile in the Probolinggo bus terminal. You may also using transit bus Bali – Banyuwangi – Probolinggo, that change your bus in Banyuwangi Bus Terminal.

The bus from Banyuwangi to Malang or Banyuwangi to Surabaya, both of this Buses route will make stop over in Probolinggo bus terminal and so do Bali – Malang or Bali – Surabaya will do the same.


Bus PATAS to Banyuwangi from Probolinggo


From Surabaya or Bali: Arrive in Probolinggo, make sure you will only be dropped of inside Bus Station and you just step out side to reach Mini Bus to Bromo. Do Not drop off before Probolinggo Bus Station. If you were not in your appointment.

‘PATAS’ displayed in the front of bus is Air Condition Coached Bus, just take this bus for your comfort. This bus based on regular schedule that you may not find immediately on the Bus Terminal and another Bus Crew will pull you for Regular Ones. Ask to the officer in the Bus Terminal to make sure that you will find PATAS ones. Bus PATAS available from/ to Probolinggo and near by city.

Minibus road side Terminal

Minibus road side Terminal about 100 meters away from Bus terminal.


Minibus to Bromo

Minibus heading to Bromo, Bus Terminal in your Left.

TIPs and Trick: “You can hire this Yellow City Cab directly to Bromo from Train Station BUT not from Bus Terminal” as they have agreement with mini bus. Do not be stuck on Minibus terminal.



Minibus station to Bromo, just to step out side from Probolinggo Intercity Bus-Station, you will find minibus along road side if you cannot find them in side.





Train ride to Bromo:  read it here . . . . !

If you arrive from Malang:

You can directly engage to hire Taxi to  go to Bromo via Probolinggo. There are several access to reach Bromo with various transportation mode. Just make sure, you reach Bromo from PROBOLINGGO direction.

Metered Taxi stand immediately in front of Train Station or Bus Terminal, you can also take a Bus to rech Probolinggo. NO TRAIN available from Malang to Probolinggo.